What I Want, Why I want It

I started this blog for many reasons, I want to put some, most or all on here because this is my blog, and that kind of makes sense.

I want to be a Writer/Blogger

Well to be honest I want what a Writer/Blogger will give me. I dont want the money, and this is shown by the fact the money isnt good but I love reading and I love learning, and what is the point of learning if you cant or wont tell people about it.

I want to Travel

This is what Writing will enable me to do. The money is rubbish but the cost of living everywhere (but the western, commercialized world) is fantastic and there are many of successful writers(I mean that they dont earn lots of money, but they get to do what they want to do) so if they can do it what is stopping me

I dont like Facebook

Every one is doing what everyone else is doing, and I dont like it, every one has facebook, twitter and intragram. I want to stand out. I want to make a difference. I am on my own with these thoughts and I want to do things my way, and if your reading this you should to.

these are not all the reasons but it is a start. I want to make a difference to my life, not to make a name, or money but be my own person.

Good night


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