Fitting In?

While I was reading yesterday on a bench on a wooden platform, I dropped my highlighter pen and it went straight through the platform. That was because it fitted in. then i had to struggle for about 5 minuets to fit my hand through and other thing to help move it out so it was free, and i was able to use it.

The Metaphor

I see most people fitting in (or trying to atleast) and once they have fitted in they are trapped, but they feel safe or “included” but whats the point. They are indeed just trapped.

What Happens Next

Well its how people arround you view you. If you are indeed just a highlighter, then those who are meant to care and can just get anouther, will probably just get anouther.

What about those who do care and do try to use a stick throuth a small partition to flick the highlighter in the right direction? Well, the reason they use this method is becuse of two reasons, 1. Because they care 2. Is because you have distanced yourself. So because they care you are goin to feel that the are being to pushy, repetitive, and darn well iritating, and because you have distanced yourself you , not probably, will not listen. The only person who can change you is, always has been and alway will be you.

What can you do

Well look at the people that are really trying to help, stop seeing them as irritating. Don’t do what they are actally say (unless it is solid gold) but look for what they are trying to say. They are trying to be nice and polite and the infomationn they are giving is because they care and they see a problem. So what they say will be covered in “pink fluffy wool” but shave it off and look at what theyare telling you, not what they are actualy saying.

Stop fitting in and be your own person.

Be somone who you want to follow and surly enough others will. Have your own ideas and innovate

All Yours


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