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Success? What is it?

When people look for success, many will look at successful people and then they look at how much they earn, like Bill Gates ($88.5 Billion) Mark Zuckerberg ($63.3 Billion) and then some more reasonable celebrities like Casey Neistat (approx $2.3 million). these people are definitely successful, but a price tag is not successful, so what is?

What Isn’t The Success?

Well money doesn’t matter but it definitely helps, because there are people who earn over and above a million but they are not successful because:

  1.  they are not happy
  2. they do they get into debt (which makes no sense)
  3. they loose relationships
  4. are always are at work
  5. they never do what they want to do(travel, spend time with the family, etc…

Among many other things…

What is a success?

Well, is success an end goal? or is it the journey? Is it money or what?

That is completely decided by you. getting a sense of contentment, doing what you love. That makes you successful. Being able to enjoy every day at work (not all the time some days come with different amounts of success and stress). Having what you do enable you to do the stuff that you really want to do, I.E travel, spend time with the family and anything else from the list you read above.

The reason people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, and Casey Neistat are successful is that they did what they loved first and then when people noticed it the money came in. And guess what they are still doing what they love. Bill is changing the world and so is Mark, Casey is changing the internet as we know it, and all of them are on the move always traveling, and all of them are inseparable from their families.

But money is not and never will be what it is about with any of these people.  take the life story of Casey Neisat

He didn’t always have the skills and business acumen and likeability, he doesn’t even a high school diploma or any relevant qualifications (that I know of), he had it hard.

He was a high school dropout, he had a baby to provide for, his girlfriend left him and he had no money. Can it get any worse?

In 2015 he created a business called “Beme” and then sold it the end of the next year to CNN for $25million (this was the speculated number actual figures were never released but still to start an app and then sell the business for millions is mega impressive).

People like this do not do work. They do art. Art is not for the money it is appreciated by everyone and those that appreciate it invest and there is always pay off. They start doing what they love and as long as they keep their head, that will never end.

Best Wishes


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