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Don’t Work, Do Gift.

Work? what is it?

If you go looking for the definition of work on Google you will find it say’s

  1. Activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result.
  2. A task or tasks to be undertaken.

These are correct answers to the question, but wrong to how you should work!

The real definition of work is:

  1. Something that has to be done to survive
  2. To accomplish something
  3. a service
  4. changing the world
  5. or changing someone else’s world

Working in a coffee shop is easy to do. You take an order, convert that into coffee and then that converts into money you have earnt for the company.

That’s all needs to be done. but there are other jobs on top of that to keep the people coming back. Cleaning, being presentable, the layout, ordering the supplies and so on.

An Idiot can do that but they hate their job, they don’t take it seriously. They do what they are told, they get paid and then they go home.

Millions of people all over the world want coffee, and they go to a coffee shop to get away from distractions, either to work or mental and emotional trauma on their own or with friends. they need a good service.

In most of the café industry being “pleasant” is required but those working in the shops only give the bare minimum.

What Really Makes a Difference. 

Being genuine is something that simply cannot be faked. As humans, we crave interaction and the knowledge that we are cared about, the idea stressed in Seth Godin’s “Linchpin” is that we should never be a cog just doing a job, we should be doing thing’s because we care about what we do and how it affects other people.

The coffee shop scenario, as in all jobs, there are only 2 types of workers

  1. those who care
  2. and those who don’t

those that care I have described above so let’s see what someone who cares does

Give A Gift?

People who genuinely care about someone do things without being asked. when was the last time you asked someone out because the follow the rules and do what they are told? You would only extend an invitation to someone for a drink or a date because they have done things that they weren’t asked because they valued you enough to do something out of the ordinary without a price-tag or something in return.

This makes you value a person and want to associate with them. the same goes for a business or a service, so give a gift, do something not because it gets their custom but because you value them.

If someone is looking around, offer them help.

if someone walks in with a baby, ask if they want a high chair.

if a group gathered around a table with things on it from the last customers, stop what you are doing and clear that crap!

Like we said earlier on people come to get distracted from their distractions. Do not be one of their problems added on, be the gift that takes away their problems for a while

The coffee shop is the new bar.

Your’s Truely


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