How To wake up Early? Tips to get out of Bed When you Want!

You want to wake up early and get stuff done! Ok, How?

What are the Benefits?

First, as you are usually awake later in the morning (about 8am and 10am)  probably the rest of those around you will also be asleep, this means that you are less likely to have the distraction that you would have waking up as you have been, enabling you to be more productive, be more focused, plan your week exercise amongst a multitude of other things that you would usually be distracted from.

Second, studies have shown that there are direct links between waking up early and decreced stress. This makes sense as you are able to get the important things done first, so that when you are tired you wont procrastinate these necessities till later. A byproduct of this is that you free up space in your mind so you are more able to take on the day.

Third, and this is the most important in my mind, the first few hours you are awake you are at your days peak of creativity, this means the things that you do at this time of the day will be the best quality. Rising early has been part of the routine of the worlds greatest Minds, Athlete’s and Artists, even though we may feel groggy.

So, How to do it?

  • Have clear goals in mind. If you do end up being awake in the early part of the day and you are wondering “what should I do?” then chances are this routine will not last at all and you will end up not setting your alarm and reverting to your old ways. Some of the things that you could do is; start a blog or personal notes, start an online business, exercise, meditate, reading, or it could be all of these things each given their own morning. Even with these things be very clear and specific, if you want to exercise make sure you know what you want, start small don’t expect these changes to come over night and by the time you wake up. may be something like: “I will jog for 15 minutes and then have a shower and breakfast.”
  • Go to bed Earlier. If you want to wake up earlier this doesn’t mean you don’t need the same amount of sleep to function, you still do. So start by setting you alarm earlier in 5-15 minutes increments, depending on your need and circumstances, and every week wake up 5-15 minutes more than you did the last week until you are waking up at the time you need. Even if you are not sleepy go to bed earlier and read, meditate, or the time you would miss speaking about your day or concerns with your spouse use this time wisely, but make sure that you do something that doesn’t involve light (like TV, Mobile Phones games, Netflix, or anything that will keep you awake)
  • keep your Alarm out of Reach. If you can reach your alarm from you bed, even from a stretch, you most likely will hit snooze or tern off the alarm completely. so move it far away, preferably walking distance, so you have to get up. You will hate this but it will get you up in the morning.
  • Ice Splash. If you hate the last one you will definitely hate this one. Jump in a cold shower, or to ease yourself in to it splash ice cold water on to your face. this will definitely wake you up, giving you a shock to the system forcing your body to be alive.

These are the best ways I have found to get out of the bed in the morning.

Yours Truly



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