What to do Next?

I met this girl, with a group of friends, who is Italian she told me that she works at a school and teaches English as an extracurricular activity, in Italy. the whole thing about his is that she speaks very bad broken English and was not to often but still needed to ask her fluent English, Italian friends what certain words were in English.

she lives in a small town and lives with her parents but she is able to make regular trips to London and is able to take prolonged holiday (after much saving, of course) in the south and Central America. I live in

I live in London and don’t earn very much compared to my expenditure, but I would love to learn to speak another language and I don’t seem to find any problem with entering and living and working there on the gov.uk website.

she told me “when I look at a book I know English but when I speak it I don’t know it” I can speak English and  I don’t know how it works but when I look at a book I know I can do the same.

For the past year, I have been learning Spanish and have invested time into associating with Spaniards and I want to do that. I want to live in another country, speak a different language

I am a single male with no debt, no one dependent on me and with a British passport.

I want to live in different country, speak a different language, and support a different community.


Because it is Possible!

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