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Logan Paul, Really?

This man who has seemed to kick start the internet with his enthusiastic charm and his subversive realism seems to have a bit of a dark side. Don’t get me wrong I love his energy but I don’t like his underlying attitude. Allow me to explain.

The Colour Blindness Video

This for many who have color, finally seeing the wonderful world for what it is. But in Logan’s video, there seems to be a number of inconsistencies.

  1. His friends and the people that he lives with had no idea that he had colour-blindness. They seemed to all not know, and I, being in a family that had members that were colour-blind, know that when a person has colour-blindness, that person would make crucial errors in judgment in styles of dress and clothing and that of what matches and what doesn’t. So in simple terms, he would put on the wrong thing, and he would be made fun for it. It is true that people can go for years without knowing that they have this dysfunction. But that his friends never even thought is a possibility, that is a bit doubtful.
  2. He made distinct almost put on statements to try and prove that he had colour-blindness like he said “Maverick” the featured parrot of his vlogs was “a yellow bird” the way he made his statement seemed really put on and then the commotion of him going to see and then the reveal that his bird then, in fact, had multiple colours. This seemed very staged and inauthentic.
  3. In all subsequent videos since that video, I have not seen once that he has put on the same shades that he obviously would give him the gift of colorful sight. Yes, he dose where other shades and they could be custom made and do the job but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Personally I believe that he is not colour blind, and this is indeed a stunt to gain views (almost 15 million at this point in time) money in advertising from the company that make the glasses, and the Google ad revenue, which he is making off of the fact he has a fake disability which is less than reputable if this is found to be true.

The songs that he has produced seem overly produced and corporately planned.


He and his brother have made a number of seemingly planned, especially after the initial success of one of Logan’s first music video “Help Me Help You.” Because then of its massive success (currently just under 50 million views) Jake Paul (Logan’s slightly more successful) decided to make one dissing everyone on YouTube obviously to capitalize on anything and everything they can, and subsequently other music videos have come out.

They seem to counteract each other and then they reconcile in another one and then or before, the make one and withhold the 2nd verse to cause controversy and draw subscribers and views to both their channel and videos. And the stupid part is that they never released the 2nd verse.

In total, they have 6 (or more I couldn’t be bothered) connected videos and other channels cashing in on the trend (RiceGum and Alissa Violet).  This has amassed in almost 150,000,000 (150 million) views a lot of click-bait money.

All in all, I like Logan, not so much Jake but I like Logan #logangforlife. But I don’t like this corporate click bait deal. They are both very successful, but really Jake get a better name than “JakePaulers”

What do you think?