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The New Flagship Phone.

Iphone, Samsung, and that’s about it when people think of the best phones but is it really?

I in the past 2 years bought about 5 phones to try them out. The iPhone I got & didnt get on with so gave it to a friend (who gets on with it fine). the Samsung to replace the iPhone (that broke). The Samsung to replace the Samsung but that one fried. then a friend was getting rid of an oversized Chinese phone called an “Inew” (worst decision of my life), and the next phone will blow your mind.


I bought this phone on a recommendation of a friend the model he had which was the even more affordable model which was the WileyFox “Spark” first generation and is was £89.99 (what a flipping bargain), he let me have a go although it was a bit laggy the workability of the phone and the key features really impressed me. He recommended that I look at the “Swift” was the model, as it was a little more expensive, but you were paying for the more powerful version so there would be little, if not, no lag what so ever.

So I had a look around.

the price of the “Swift” was £129.99 at the time from the WileyFox website, which I was totally fine with paying, a phone that cheep that offered what I dose, it was definitely a bargain. But I looked on Amazon and the seller on Amazon had the same phone for £30 less than what the sight offered. from then on I was sold. I wanted this phone from only a 5 minute trial of a supposedly worse phone (which, by the way, was fantastic), a scan of the specs and a glance at the WileyFox website and then Amazon.

This phone was good, and I don’t even have it in my hands yet. So I just had to have one.

Then It Arrived.

When it arrived in its stunning Orange and Black box, it came with the highest quality charging cable I have ever received with a phone, a decent set of in-ear headphones, the phone came with a screen protector on the phone (although there were bubbles on it, this was by far the worst part of my experience with the phone as of yet and there was never anything else I could put fault with it), and then the phone itself. They really did love their product, No coners were cut, and the price it definitely was not reasonable, they obviously just care about the product and giving the very best to their customers. the money to them is second to that.

…9 Months Later. 

I have had this masterpiece for, give or take, 9 months and it still runs as smoothly as the day I opened the box. I love this company and I keep recommending this company to all who ask.

WileyFox. The Company. 

WileyFox is a British company founded in 2015 with the HQ in London. Initially, it used the Android derivative “Cyanogen OS” which has now been discontinued and has been replaced with the most up to date Android system (7.1.1).

Best Wishes