What to do Next?

I met this girl, with a group of friends, who is Italian she told me that she works at a school and teaches English as an extracurricular activity, in Italy. the whole thing about his is that she speaks very bad broken English and was not to often but still needed to ask her fluent English, Italian friends what certain words were in English.

she lives in a small town and lives with her parents but she is able to make regular trips to London and is able to take prolonged holiday (after much saving, of course) in the south and Central America. I live in

I live in London and don’t earn very much compared to my expenditure, but I would love to learn to speak another language and I don’t seem to find any problem with entering and living and working there on the gov.uk website.

she told me “when I look at a book I know English but when I speak it I don’t know it” I can speak English and  I don’t know how it works but when I look at a book I know I can do the same.

For the past year, I have been learning Spanish and have invested time into associating with Spaniards and I want to do that. I want to live in another country, speak a different language

I am a single male with no debt, no one dependent on me and with a British passport.

I want to live in different country, speak a different language, and support a different community.


Because it is Possible!

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Logan Paul, Really?

This man who has seemed to kick start the internet with his enthusiastic charm and his subversive realism seems to have a bit of a dark side. Don’t get me wrong I love his energy but I don’t like his underlying attitude. Allow me to explain.

The Colour Blindness Video

This for many who have color, finally seeing the wonderful world for what it is. But in Logan’s video, there seems to be a number of inconsistencies.

  1. His friends and the people that he lives with had no idea that he had colour-blindness. They seemed to all not know, and I, being in a family that had members that were colour-blind, know that when a person has colour-blindness, that person would make crucial errors in judgment in styles of dress and clothing and that of what matches and what doesn’t. So in simple terms, he would put on the wrong thing, and he would be made fun for it. It is true that people can go for years without knowing that they have this dysfunction. But that his friends never even thought is a possibility, that is a bit doubtful.
  2. He made distinct almost put on statements to try and prove that he had colour-blindness like he said “Maverick” the featured parrot of his vlogs was “a yellow bird” the way he made his statement seemed really put on and then the commotion of him going to see and then the reveal that his bird then, in fact, had multiple colours. This seemed very staged and inauthentic.
  3. In all subsequent videos since that video, I have not seen once that he has put on the same shades that he obviously would give him the gift of colorful sight. Yes, he dose where other shades and they could be custom made and do the job but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Personally I believe that he is not colour blind, and this is indeed a stunt to gain views (almost 15 million at this point in time) money in advertising from the company that make the glasses, and the Google ad revenue, which he is making off of the fact he has a fake disability which is less than reputable if this is found to be true.

The songs that he has produced seem overly produced and corporately planned.


He and his brother have made a number of seemingly planned, especially after the initial success of one of Logan’s first music video “Help Me Help You.” Because then of its massive success (currently just under 50 million views) Jake Paul (Logan’s slightly more successful) decided to make one dissing everyone on YouTube obviously to capitalize on anything and everything they can, and subsequently other music videos have come out.

They seem to counteract each other and then they reconcile in another one and then or before, the make one and withhold the 2nd verse to cause controversy and draw subscribers and views to both their channel and videos. And the stupid part is that they never released the 2nd verse.

In total, they have 6 (or more I couldn’t be bothered) connected videos and other channels cashing in on the trend (RiceGum and Alissa Violet).  This has amassed in almost 150,000,000 (150 million) views a lot of click-bait money.

All in all, I like Logan, not so much Jake but I like Logan #logangforlife. But I don’t like this corporate click bait deal. They are both very successful, but really Jake get a better name than “JakePaulers”

What do you think?



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Online Side jobs to Start Today.

You are busy working 9-5 every day but that still doesn’t bring in all the bacon that you need. There are many options of manageable side business that are completely do-able and manageable in your spear time that require little work and pay you well for the work that you do.

  1. Blogger. In an earlier post I gave the definition of the word blog and the actual meaning in real terms, and starting your own blog may not be the most profitable route, but there are websites that pay you to consistently write articles about any number of topics form fitness and health, music and instruments and even business and entrepreneurship. they will give you the instruction and the titles that they want you to write about, you do a little research and then put fingers to buttons and then send in the article and they pay you. the earning can range from $25-$50 to $100-$125 per article, depending on a number of factors. Having your own blog isn’t profitable but dose give the employer a reference to your capabilities, and many blogging websites only charge $30 per year for you domain and all other costs. Blogging job board check out problogger.com
  2. Transcriptionist. This is someone who listens to audio and then turns this in to text. this is as easy as it sounds, this can be quite boring though the pay can be very good as it can be 1.25 cents per word to 2 cents per word and if that is a 500 word document that means $62.5 to around $100 per article which in little time can turn in to a really good side business. For transcriptionist work please follow the link to speakwrite.com for a place to start.
  3. Tech Support/Online Call center. You know on those sites wit a “Live Chat” button if you have a question or a problem with a product or the website you are using, usually those people on the other end are at home using there spare time to earn money helping people like you get the assistance that you need. Hourly wages can start from $10+ an hour but that varies from employer to employer. So if you are good with people and talking on the phone, or good with troubleshooting click the like to workingsolutions.com.

These are some of the best online manageable business that can turn a great profit.

Best Wishes



How To wake up Early? Tips to get out of Bed When you Want!

You want to wake up early and get stuff done! Ok, How?

What are the Benefits?

First, as you are usually awake later in the morning (about 8am and 10am)  probably the rest of those around you will also be asleep, this means that you are less likely to have the distraction that you would have waking up as you have been, enabling you to be more productive, be more focused, plan your week exercise amongst a multitude of other things that you would usually be distracted from.

Second, studies have shown that there are direct links between waking up early and decreced stress. This makes sense as you are able to get the important things done first, so that when you are tired you wont procrastinate these necessities till later. A byproduct of this is that you free up space in your mind so you are more able to take on the day.

Third, and this is the most important in my mind, the first few hours you are awake you are at your days peak of creativity, this means the things that you do at this time of the day will be the best quality. Rising early has been part of the routine of the worlds greatest Minds, Athlete’s and Artists, even though we may feel groggy.

So, How to do it?

  • Have clear goals in mind. If you do end up being awake in the early part of the day and you are wondering “what should I do?” then chances are this routine will not last at all and you will end up not setting your alarm and reverting to your old ways. Some of the things that you could do is; start a blog or personal notes, start an online business, exercise, meditate, reading, or it could be all of these things each given their own morning. Even with these things be very clear and specific, if you want to exercise make sure you know what you want, start small don’t expect these changes to come over night and by the time you wake up. may be something like: “I will jog for 15 minutes and then have a shower and breakfast.”
  • Go to bed Earlier. If you want to wake up earlier this doesn’t mean you don’t need the same amount of sleep to function, you still do. So start by setting you alarm earlier in 5-15 minutes increments, depending on your need and circumstances, and every week wake up 5-15 minutes more than you did the last week until you are waking up at the time you need. Even if you are not sleepy go to bed earlier and read, meditate, or the time you would miss speaking about your day or concerns with your spouse use this time wisely, but make sure that you do something that doesn’t involve light (like TV, Mobile Phones games, Netflix, or anything that will keep you awake)
  • keep your Alarm out of Reach. If you can reach your alarm from you bed, even from a stretch, you most likely will hit snooze or tern off the alarm completely. so move it far away, preferably walking distance, so you have to get up. You will hate this but it will get you up in the morning.
  • Ice Splash. If you hate the last one you will definitely hate this one. Jump in a cold shower, or to ease yourself in to it splash ice cold water on to your face. this will definitely wake you up, giving you a shock to the system forcing your body to be alive.

These are the best ways I have found to get out of the bed in the morning.

Yours Truly




Fitting In?

While I was reading yesterday on a bench on a wooden platform, I dropped my highlighter pen and it went straight through the platform. That was because it fitted in. then i had to struggle for about 5 minuets to fit my hand through and other thing to help move it out so it was free, and i was able to use it.

The Metaphor

I see most people fitting in (or trying to atleast) and once they have fitted in they are trapped, but they feel safe or “included” but whats the point. They are indeed just trapped.

What Happens Next

Well its how people arround you view you. If you are indeed just a highlighter, then those who are meant to care and can just get anouther, will probably just get anouther.

What about those who do care and do try to use a stick throuth a small partition to flick the highlighter in the right direction? Well, the reason they use this method is becuse of two reasons, 1. Because they care 2. Is because you have distanced yourself. So because they care you are goin to feel that the are being to pushy, repetitive, and darn well iritating, and because you have distanced yourself you , not probably, will not listen. The only person who can change you is, always has been and alway will be you.

What can you do

Well look at the people that are really trying to help, stop seeing them as irritating. Don’t do what they are actally say (unless it is solid gold) but look for what they are trying to say. They are trying to be nice and polite and the infomationn they are giving is because they care and they see a problem. So what they say will be covered in “pink fluffy wool” but shave it off and look at what theyare telling you, not what they are actualy saying.

Stop fitting in and be your own person.

Be somone who you want to follow and surly enough others will. Have your own ideas and innovate

All Yours



What I Want, Why I want It

I started this blog for many reasons, I want to put some, most or all on here because this is my blog, and that kind of makes sense.

I want to be a Writer/Blogger

Well to be honest I want what a Writer/Blogger will give me. I dont want the money, and this is shown by the fact the money isnt good but I love reading and I love learning, and what is the point of learning if you cant or wont tell people about it.

I want to Travel

This is what Writing will enable me to do. The money is rubbish but the cost of living everywhere (but the western, commercialized world) is fantastic and there are many of successful writers(I mean that they dont earn lots of money, but they get to do what they want to do) so if they can do it what is stopping me

I dont like Facebook

Every one is doing what everyone else is doing, and I dont like it, every one has facebook, twitter and intragram. I want to stand out. I want to make a difference. I am on my own with these thoughts and I want to do things my way, and if your reading this you should to.

these are not all the reasons but it is a start. I want to make a difference to my life, not to make a name, or money but be my own person.

Good night



I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been reading Seth Godins book “Linchpin” and it really has opened my mind to the entrepreneurial spirit. The idea of giving a gift, not just working or doing a job but making what you do “Art” is such a fantastic viepoint. I am a waiter/dishasher. I love my job, but I bought this book specificaly because I had lost the “go” to give my best in my work. Already I feel my overseer has seen a difference in my work, and I feel that I am contributing to the whole picture, in the work ethic and the customer service. I feel pride in my work. Well i always did, but i now know i am doing a good job.

thank you Seth